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Providing Peace Of Mind To You And Your Loved Ones

Some believe that wills and other types of estate planning are strictly for the wealthy, but in reality, they are simply something that everyone needs. Our attorneys provide knowledgeable counsel to the clients in Bryan County, offering guidance for drawing up wills and trusts as well as powers of attorney. When a loved one dies, Henderson Law Firm, LLC, can provide assistance with probating his or her will or other estate administration.

Why Do You Need A Will

Planning for the distribution of your estate is something everyone should consider. When you are seeking an attorney to discuss your will, you want someone that you trust to guide you with these important decisions.

Whether you are a young couple wanting to make sure your young children are cared for, or have a “blended” family with varied interests to address, you want to be able to talk through the emotional issues with someone who understands and who will listen to your concerns.

By setting forth your wishes in a will, you can ensure that they will be carried out in the event of your death. If you do not express these wishes through a will, the laws of the State of Georgia will determine the disposition of your estate.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the process whereby an executor (named in a will executed by the deceased) or an administrator (named by the heirs and the court if there is no will) carries out the distribution of the decedent’s assets and the payment of lawful expenses.

When you have lost a loved one and their affairs need be administered, you often need the services of an attorney. The attorneys of Henderson Law Firm, LLC, can prepare the necessary filings for the Probate Court and assist the executor or administrator with issues surrounding distribution of assets and payments of expenses.

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